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La grande marche des petites choses

Special presentation

Raphaëlle de Groot

In collaboration with the Galerie de l’UQAM, ARTS.FILM is pleased to offer its subscribers a special presentation dedicated to Quebec artist Raphaëlle de Groot.

La grande marche des petites choses reveals the behind-the-scenes story of a multi-day march from the Seine-Saint-Denis department to the center of Paris. Subsistances traces a documentary and poetic journey, addressing the cultural, social and environmental issues of life in the remote Minganie region of Quebec. 

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This Fall on ARTS.FILM

ARTS.FILM unveils its Fall 2022 programming!

Spend the fall with Takeshi Kitano, Georgia O’Keeffe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Raphaëlle de Groot, Toni Morrison, Max Dean, Mistaya Hemingway, Jodie Foster and many more… More than 40 titles have been added to a catalog of 300 films available online at any time across Canada.


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All year long, ARTS.FILM streams more than a hundred films to be discovered and viewed directly on your computer, tablet, or phone or on APPLE TV©.

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Photography, architecture, painting, dance, classical music, poetry… Documentaries on art, fiction, biographical films, recordings of shows, artistic performances or art videos, the ARTS.FILM platform offers eclectic content from here and elsewhere, rare in cinemas or on television, which will delight the most seasoned film lovers as well as a wider public looking for cultural and artistic discoveries of all kinds.

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In addition to a constantly growing catalog and more than thirty editorial collections that make content more discoverable, ARTS.FILM offers event programming and presents special guests, cartes blanches and new collections throughout the year.

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ARTS.FILM’s mission is to reflect a diversity of cultures, genres, points of view, practices, and more. The collections and programs bring into dialogue artists from various communities, belonging to visible, cultural, sexual, and gender minorities, as well as representatives of First Nations and Inuit communities. A non-profit initiative, ARTS.FILM redistributes receipts equitably to artists and rights holders. A significant share is returned directly to the arts sector.

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Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have English subtitling for a film in French or French subtitling for a film in English or in another language.


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